Best sales forecasting software for business growth.

Best Sales Forecasting Software For Business Growth

The best sales forecasting software are those with noteworthy features for improving client onboarding rate, converting leads, tracking conversion, and improving sales strategies. They help business owners and sales executives attain revenue targets. 

As you read this article you’ll get an idea of top forecasting sales software, their most noteworthy features, and cost estimates. 

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What is Sales Forecasting Software? 

Sales forecasting software are tools created to help businesses predict and estimate future sales and revenue by taking specific metrics like market trends and past invoices into account. 

A significant aim of sales forecasting & analytics software is to provide actionable and accurate insights into a company’s future sales performance, enabling strategic planning and decision making. 

Software 1: Aviso Predict 

Aviso Predict was a software platform developed by Aviso Inc. It was primarily used for sales forecasting and revenue optimization in the context of sales and revenue operations. 

Aviso Predict utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to forecast sales and revenue more accurately. It analyzes historical data, current pipeline information, and various other factors to predict future purchases from clients.  

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
Key Features Use Cases 
Predictive AnalyticsIt offers advanced predictive analytics capabilities, enabling organizations to gain insights into their sales performance and identify potential risks and opportunities. This helps sales teams make data-driven decisions.
Sales Performance TrackingUsers could track the performance of their sales teams and individual sales reps. The platform provided metrics and dashboards to monitor progress toward sales targets and revenue goals.
Customizable Aviso Predict is customizable to fit the specific needs and workflows of different organizations. Users can configure the platform to align with their unique sales processes and goals.
Data Security It has a robust security measure to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the data it handles. 
  • Pricing 
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It offers custom pricing, thus, you’ll need to reach out to the sales team for precise costing. 

Software 2: SugarCRM 

SugarCRM is renowned for its comprehensive sales automation capabilities, including sales forecasting.

Within Sugar, the forecasting feature is represented as a “worksheet.” By default, this worksheet includes essential details such as the forecast name, account name, expected close date, sales stage, opportunity name, and product. 

Users also have the flexibility to configure scenarios within the worksheet, such as best-case and most-likely scenarios, to suit their specific forecasting needs.

In addition to these features, Sugar empowers users with predictive analytics functionality. This tool assesses the likelihood of a deal successfully converting, providing a spectrum of probabilities ranging from “not likely” to “very likely.”

One of the standout advantages of SugarCRM, as highlighted by multiple users, is its remarkable customization capabilities. Even individuals without technical expertise find it remarkably user-friendly for tailoring nearly every aspect of the platform to align with their particular requirements and workflows.

  • Key Features and Use Cases
Key Features Use Cases 
Mobile CRM Maps This feature lets sales teams visualize customer information, plan effectively, and make better decision via the map-based interface.
Activity Streams This feature improves social collaboration among CRM users with custom updates. This Activity Streams are accessible on the homepage. 
DocuSign connectorIt helps users to securely sign and manage documents on the sales forecasting solution.
Case Management Empower your support team to better manage customer support requests through our case management system that facilitates streamlined information sharing and case routing. 
  • Pricing 
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SugarCRM features multiple pricing plans, which include: 

  • Sugar Sell: $80/user/month 
  • Sugar Serve: $80/user/month 
  • Sugar Market: $1000/user/month 
  • Sugar Professional: $52/user/month 
  • Sugar Enterprise: $1000/user/month 

Software 3: Outreach Commit 

Outreach Commit is a robust platform designed for sales forecasting and analytics, harnessing the power of real-time data and artificial intelligence to furnish sales representatives with timely insights into their pipelines.

This sales forecasting tool utilizes AI-driven analysis of past shortfalls and surpluses to accurately gauge coverage. 

It also employes advanced algorithms to continuously track over 100 signals, enabling early detection of potentially precarious deals.

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
Key Features Use Cases 
Analytics This feature gives users the ability to view data from any historical point-in-time, an understand the statistical outcomes of your efforts.
Scenario Planner This feature helps you plan ahead and project more effectively by comparing different forecasting types. It helps you review and adjust inputs to create your current forecast projection to know how they can impact your results. 
Summary View This feature view offers a detailed overview of how your team can access the software features, and set which one each group can access.
  • Pricing 

Outreach offers custom pricing option. As such, you’ll need to contact them for precise cost. 

Software 4: Zoho 

Zoho’s sales forecasting software is one of the tools in its comprehensive suite of cloud-based applications designed to help businesses manage various aspects of their operations. 

It is developed by Zoho Corporation, an Indian software company with a global presence. Zoho’s suite of products is known for its affordability, scalability, and user-friendly interface. The platform has a range of features that we’ll delve into. 

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
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Key Features Use Cases 
Contact Management It allows businesses to efficiently capture, organize, and manage leads and contacts. 
The feature provides a centralized database to store and access customer information, including details like contact information, lead source, and communication history.
Email Integration Email Integration feature seamlessly integrates with email platforms, allowing users to send and receive emails directly from within the CRM interface.
CustomizationBusinesses can customize Zoho CRM to align with their specific sales processes, adding custom fields, modules, and workflows.
  • Pricing 

Zoho offers four pricing plans that include: 

  • £12
  • £18
  • £35
  • £42

Software 5: Gong 

Gong serves as an advanced sales forecasting solution, empowering sales professionals to “anticipate, achieve, and safeguard dependable forecasts.” Achieving these objectives entails the real-time integration of all interactions with leads, including phone calls, emails, contracts, and more, into your forecasting process.

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), Gong meticulously scrutinizes this data, transforming it into valuable insights. The platform is equipped to raise “alerts” if any risks emerge within your sales pipeline, such as identifying instances of inactivity, ghosting, or a low volume of contacts.

Beyond its prowess in customer behavior analysis, Gong presents “Deal Boards.” These boards enable users to effortlessly monitor their critical deals, metrics, and insights. They offer a customizable perspective of the user’s pipeline, capturing every phone call, web conference, and email exchanged between representatives and prospects. Each interaction becomes a searchable dataset that can be leveraged for collective learning and decision-making. 

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
Key Features Use Cases 
Conversation Analytics Gong records and transcribes sales calls and meetings, allowing teams to analyze the content and structure of these interactions.
Deal Visibility It can track the progress of deals, identify bottlenecks, and provide a visual representation of the pipeline.
Customizable PlaybooksUsers can create and customize sales playbooks based on the insights gathered from successful sales calls. 
Search and Reference Gong’s searchable database of sales conversations allows  reps to find and reference specific points or examples from successful calls to enhance their own conversations.
  • Pricing 

Gong offers custom pricing plan that’s tailored to the intricacy of your workforce. 

Software 6: Mediafly Intelligency360 

Aviso is a sales forecasting software platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and data analytics to help businesses predict and optimize their sales performance. 

It is designed to assist sales teams and leaders in making more accurate sales forecasts, identifying potential risks and opportunities, and ultimately improving revenue outcomes. 

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
Key Features Use Cases 
AI-centered forecastingAviso leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze historical sales data, current pipeline information, and various other factors to generate accurate  forecasts. 
These forecasts are often updated in real-time to reflect changing conditions.
Deal ScoringThis feature assigns scores to individual deals based on their likelihood of closing, enabling sales reps and managers to prioritize their efforts on high-value opportunities.
Alerts and NotificationsIt sends alerts and notifications based on predefined triggers, helping sales teams stay informed about critical changes in their pipeline or potential risks.
  • Pricing 

You’ll need to contact Aviso for a custom quote. 

Software 7: OnPlan

OnPlan is a versatile financial modeling tool and sales forecasting solution designed to cater to businesses across various industries, particularly those with a staff ranging from 25 to 500 employees. 

It empowers users to craft “What if” scenarios, allowing them to navigate diverse circumstances and gain a deeper understanding of their strategic leverage points.

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
Key Features Use Cases 
Audit Trail This feature provides a comprehensive audit trail that meticulously records and tracks changes, actions, and interactions within the platform. It ensures transparency and accountability in financial modeling and sales forecasting processes.
Premade Dashboards This feature helps to tailor dashboards to various business needs. These ready-to-use dashboards simplify data interpretation and reporting, saving users time and effort.
Milestone TrackingThis allow users to set, monitor, and achieve specific financial or sales milestones. It’s a feature that helps in staying on course toward predefined objectives.
  • Pricing 

It offers three packages: Essentials, Growth, and Growth+. Onplan does not make its pricing plan public. 

Software 8: Clari

Clari is a cloud-based revenue operations and sales execution platform designed to help businesses streamline their sales processes, improve sales forecasting, and drive revenue growth. 

It provides a range of features and functionalities to enhance sales team productivity and effectiveness. 

  • Key Features and Use Cases
Key Features Use Cases 
Deal Activity TrackerClari tracks and logs all interactions and activities related to deals, including emails, calls, meetings, and document sharing. This helps sales reps stay informed about the status of each deal and make informed decisions.
Revenue Analytics Clari offers in-depth revenue analytics, allowing businesses to gain a better understanding of their revenue streams, customer segments, and product performance. 
This information can inform strategic decisions and growth initiatives.
Mobile AccessibilityThis feature offers mobile apps that enable sales reps to access critical sales information and updates while on the go, ensuring they are always connected to their deals.
  • Pricing 

Clari offers custom pricing. 

Software 9: ForecastX 

ForecastX is an Excel-based sales forecasting solution that empowers users to generate immediate reports on expected sales. 

It encompasses a range of tools for efficiently managing inventory levels, optimizing safety stock, and evaluating the impact of promotions and special events on sales.

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
Key Features Use Cases 
Inventory ManagementUsers can leverage ForecastX to effectively manage inventory levels, helping to strike the right balance between supply and demand and avoid overstock or stockouts.
Promotion and Evenet AnalysisThe platform facilitates the measurement of how promotions and special events influence sales, allowing businesses to make informed decisions about marketing strategies and inventory planning.
Advanced Forecasting Algorithms ForecastX employs the PROCAST algorithm, designed to identify the most suitable forecasting model for your specific business needs. This ensures the creation of precise and statistically sound forecasts. 
  • Pricing 
  • ForecastX Lite: $59/month + $500 one-time setup fee
  • ForecastX: $99/month + $500 one-time setup fee

Software 10: Anaplan 

Anaplan stands out as a comprehensive connected planning and sales forecasting solution, offering businesses enhanced control over their overall performance. 

Covering critical areas such as budgeting, operational planning, supply planning, and sales incentives, Anaplan serves as an all-encompassing tool for financial and supply management, ideally suited for large enterprises and rapidly expanding businesses.

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
Key Features Use Cases 
Scenario Analysis It allows users to conduct “what-if” analysis by changing variables and assumptions to understand how different scenarios might impact the business. 
Data IntegrationThis feature helps you integrate with multiple data sources. This ensures that planning and forecasting are based on the most recent and accurate data.
Reporting and Dashboards This feature offers robust reporting and dashboard capabilities that lets users visualize and communicate their results. You can customize reports and dashboard to monitor KPIs.
  • Pricing 

Anaplan offers a custom pricing plan. Thus, you’ll need to contact the sales team for precise costing. 


A sales forecasting software is a specialized analytical tool designed for teams, empowering them to accurately predict future sales outcomes, strategize effectively, and make data-driven decisions. 

This software utilizes historical data analysis, market trends, and various algorithms to provide precise forecasts, enabling businesses to plan and allocate resources optimally, and align their strategies with anticipated sales performance.

The best sales forecasting software are those with noteworthy features for improving client onboarding rate, converting leads, tracking conversion, and improving sales strategies. They help business owners and sales executives attain revenue targets.  As you read this article you’ll get an idea of top forecasting sales software, their most noteworthy features, and cost estimates.  Table of Contents What is Sales…