What is the Best Sales Training Software For 2023?

Are you inquisitive about the best sales training software to equip your workforce at a cost-effective price? 

Sales training software are platforms designed to educate teams to improve their performance and skills via modules, coaching, analytics, feedback, and performance tracking. 

Let us discuss the best sales training software to consider. 

Software 1: Mindtickle
Software 2: SecondNature AI
Spftware 3: Allego
Software 4: Saleshood
Software 5: Brainshark
Software 6: Smartwinnr
Software 7: Wonderway
Software 8: Continu
Software 9: TalentLMS
Software 10: Showpad Coach

Software 1: Mindtickle

MindTickle is a sales readiness platform built to train revenue and sales enablement leaders to generate revenue for their organizations more effectively. It aids sales executives in enhancing their preparedness by helping them to augment their knowledge, comprehend optimal sales behaviors, and adapt to changing circumstances. 

Employing Mindtickle has resulted in a 50% decrease in ramp time, a 64% boost in revenue generated by representatives during their first quarter, and an increase in the size of deals for its clients. 

Key Features and Use Cases

​Mindtickle offers a range of features that help teams increase their sales-readiness. These include:

Key Features Use Cases 
Insight and Analytics Provides access to analytics tools, providing managers insights into team performance. It also enables them to make data-driven decisions.
Onboarding management Its onboarding management feature helps to keep sales reps engaged, and provides access to manuals, forms, and other onboarding materials. 
Automated workflows It helps to automate several routine processes, such as feedback protocols between sales reps and managers. 
For example, it automatically forwards video and audio files sales staff submit. 
Gamification It turns routine tasks into incentivizing and enjoyable activities by teaching some real-life scenarios through games and quizzes.
Sales coaching Its coaching tools help managers provide targeted feedback to their reps to improve their performance. This includes video coaching, messaging, and other resources.
Sales Enablement Mindtickle has a sales enablement feature that helps users find resources and content tailored to teach them how to close different deals effectively. 

Mindtickle’s Pricing 

Average cost of using Mindtickle per person ranges between $30 and $50 monthly, or $360 and $600 for annual payments.

Users also pay a one-time implementation fee of between $3000 and $5000. The time frame for completing the apps’ software in an organization ranges from 6 to 8 weeks. 

Another B2B software sales training tool to consider with noteworthy capabilities is SecondNature AI. 

Software 2: SecondNature AI 

SecondNature AI is a sales training software that uses Artificial Intelligence to deliver personalized learning experiences to sales teams. The solution uses advanced algorithms, machine learning, and optimization techniques to improve their sales practices. 

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SecondNature AI also provides managers with insights and analytics to track their team’s progress and identify improvement areas. Their website shows that they’ve been effective in improving sales metrics, deal sizes, win rates, and time-to-close.

Key Features and Use Cases 

Powering its impressive performance are a range of top-of-the-class features. Here are some key SecondNature AI features, and their use cases: 

Key Features Use Cases 
Real-time Analytics SecondNature AI provides real-time insight into salespersons’ activities–using the information to offer suggestions.
Built-in Authoring Users can export and import files from and to external devices. They can also create documents for internal sharing. 
Call Monitoring It monitors user calls to access the efficacy of the sales pitch process. Providing timely suggestions on how best to complete a deal. 
Gamification SecondNature AI delivers an immersive experience by suggesting personalized educational quizzes and gaming activities. 
Onboarding The SaaS sales online training software aids prompt onboarding of new sales team members for quicker workforce synergy.

SecondNature AI Pricing 

Albeit, pricing is only provided by the Vendor on a per-installation basis, internet sources suggest that the fee starts out at $19/month. You may also request a free trial before paying the subscription fee. 

Software 3: Allego 

Allego is a real-time sales coaching software with skills, knowledge, and content to drive high-performance results. The platform aims to help organizations optimize their sales activities, and improve the effectiveness of the entire team. 

Allego is power-packed with tools that entail data gathering and analysis, sales coaching, content management, and sales training. Let’s break down its key features: 

Key Features and Use Cases 

In 2020, the platform has over 400,000 unique users with over 82% being recurring users. This impressive number is primarily due to this key feature: 

Key Features Use Cases 
Peer-to-peer management. Peer-to-peer management helps to boost engagement, behavioral change, and user retention. 
Data Analytics The platform provides analytics and reporting tools that enable organizations to track the effectiveness of their sales enablement efforts and identify areas for improvement.
Call Recording Mine video and audio calls to derive insights from meetings. 
Content Management Manage and organize their sales content, including presentations, case studies, and other materials, in a centralized location that can be accessed by sales teams on any device.

Allego’s Pricing 

Pricing information for Allego is retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Final cost negotiations to purchase Allego must be conducted with the seller. 

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Software 4: Saleshood 

Saleshood is a SaaS sales online training platform that helps companies increase productivity via efficient onboarding, tailored tutoring, in-time training, and data-influenced content. It personalizes every customer interaction with Data Cloud, Einstein GPT, and Customer 360. 

Key Features and Use Cases

Saleshood has features like Einstein Analytics, Territory Management etc, that are alien to most sales training software. This makes it a preferred sales training tool for many organizations. Here are some of its key features and their use cases: 

Key Features Use Cases 
Einstein Analytics For business intelligence analytics to help unlock complicated sales as a service insight. 
Comprehensive Sales Forecasting Saleshood provides a pictorial and statistical view of your pipeline and sales growth. 
Document Management SystemIt aids in file sharing from any device, at any time. You can use its multiple filters to find a specific document from a catalog. 
Territory Management Manage assignments and tasks by groups. It aids sales management teams to effectively manage diverse groups in a multi-faceted way. 
Email Integration Synchronize your Gmail and Outlook inboxes with the Saleshood email service. 

Saleshood Pricing 

Saleshood subscription fee ranges from $10-$50 per month for one user. It comes in varieties of plans, each with different features: 

  • Essential: $10/ month, 
  • Pro: $15/ month
  • Premium: $50/ month

These are starter prices as they can increase based on the organization’s needs. 

Software 5: Brainshark

Brainshark is a cloud-based sales enablement platform that helps organizations improve productivity and revenue. The sales coaching software provides a range of tools to create, share, and track content; including presentations, videos, and documents. 

Brainshark is designed to help sales teams deliver more effective and engaging training and messages to prospects and customers.

With Brainshark, sales reps can access a centralized library of content, customize presentations and videos to specific audiences, and track engagement and performance metrics. The platform also offers analytics and reporting capabilities to help managers and leaders gain insights into the effectiveness of their content and training programs. 

Let’s discuss its key features: 

Key Features and Case Studies 

Key Features Use Cases 
Built-in Authoring toolUsers can create, edit, and publish content within Brainshark, without the need for a third-party extension tool. 
Offline Mobile Learningvideos and content can be saved for offline access. Thereby, being accessible in areas with no or low internet connection. 
Asynchronous Learning With this feature, students have the flexibility to access course materials, complete assignments, and interact with instructors and peers on their own schedule and at their own pace.
Automated Reports Scheduling This feature automatically generates and distributes reports on sales performance data and training progress updates. 
Attendance Tracking It automatically takes note of individuals attending a scheduled virtual event on the software. 

Brainshark Pricing 

Brainshark’s cost is Annual, and typically around $83/month per user. 

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However, the minimum user per organization is 20, with an annual ballpark estimate of $20,000. A consultation with Brainshark representatives will provide you with a more precise cost estimate. 

Software 6: Smartwinnr 

Smartwinnr is a sales enablement platform that helps companies train and motivate their sales teams. It offers a variety of features such as gamification, microlearning, coaching, and analytics.

The sales training and onboarding platform integrates with other sales tools such as CRMs to provide a seamless user experience. It aims to improve the effectiveness of sales training programs, boost productivity, and drive better results.

Let’s discuss its most noteworthy attributes, and Use Cases: 

Key Features and Use Cases 

As with every tool here, Smartwinnr also has a range of noteworthy features it’s best known with. These features entail: 

Key Features Use Cases 
Performance Analyzer Smartwinnr’s AI engine identifies knowledge gaps in your workforce and sends tailored SmartFeeds and SmartQuizzes. 
You can visualize the gaps via heat maps and other charts on the platform.
Gamification Gamification tools like levels, badges, leaderboards, and competition keep users engaged and increase study completion rates. 
Real-time Analytics Get real-time analytics through data-influenced insights from Machine Learning, and Artificial intelligence. 
Multiple Languages Users can create multiple questions in Unicode languages like Chinese, Japanese, etc.  
Push Notifications Get real-time updates through in-app push notifications. You’ll also get notifications once their new learning tasks are available. 
Encrypted CommunicationSecured communication via encrypted data storage and SSL encryption. 

SmartWinnr Pricing 

SmartWinnr cost $0 to start. Afterwards, the vendor will contact you on fees that are determined by the size of your organization, and the number of features you want to access. 

Software 7: Wonderway 

Wonderway drives sales upskilling and onboarding by remotely coaching sales workforces.  Its software integrates into your organization’s tech stack and can independently analyze data gathered to a pictorial statistical chart. 

It analyzes conversion rates to see where your team lacks efficacy. It identifies top performers and potential revenue increases with improvements on the team’s pain points. Wonderway stands out from others as it identifies strategies leading to quick sales growth and doubles down on it. 

Let’s discuss its key features and use cases: 

Key Features and Use Cases 

Wonderway is an AI and ML powered solution. Thus, it offers a range of automated user-centric characters for learners. Some key features of Wonderway entails: 

Key Features Use Cases 
Sales Performance Intelligence Wonderway uses AI and ML to track learning progress and corresponding sales performance. Thus, making suggestions on sales education strategies. 
Personalized Training Programs Training curricula are tailored to user-specific pain points. This improves learning effectiveness. 
Dedicated Customer Management It offers exclusive service to its customers through a dedicated customer management support platform. 
Certification Wonderway’s B2B sales certification helps to authenticate your sales workforce and ensure everyone has the requisite knowledge. 
Sales Staff Onboarding It aids onboarding by teaching new workforce company-specific technical skills requirements. According to its website, the software reduces ramp-up time by over 70%. 

Wonderway Pricing 

Start at $0 per month – free version. Then, going up to $60 per month for the PRO version. It also has an enterprise plan, but in this case, the price builds up individually.

Software 8: Continu 

Continu is the modern sales learning software that allows organizations to create, track, measure, and share learning initiatives with their workforce. 

Continu’s course creation tools allow organizations to create and customize their own training courses, including multimedia content such as videos and quizzes. 

The content management feature enables organizations to store and manage their training content in a centralized location. Additionally, Continu is integrable with other software tools for easy training alongside other HR and business processes.

As with other sales training platforms in this article, Continu has some noteworthy features that make it stand out from alternatives. 

Key Features and Use Cases 

Some of the major features in the Contunu sales enablement training somewhere include: 

Key Features Use Cases 
Course Authoring It has an in-built course builder where users can create content, share, and track-reading progress. Continu also enables the design and administration of tests and quizzes for a more engaging experience. 
Gamification The sales training software uses engaging activities to educate its users. Through badges, rewards, points, and levels, the software suggests gamified activities based on users’ and tutors’ preferences. 
Manager Portals Continu features a manager portal for instructors and team leads to see and track the sales team’s activities and progress. 
A multitude of onboarding programs Continu offers an array of onboarding programs tailored to specific industries, and job roles. 
MultilingualIt supports a variety of languages, and is continually adding more
White labeling Continu allows sales training instructors to white label content they develop. 

Continu Pricing 

  • Starter Plan: 150 user seats per year, 
  • Professional Plan: 1000 user seats per year, 
  • Enterprise Plan: 5000 user seats per year. 

Each plan has its separate subscription fee which varies per certain factors. You’ll have to contact Continu for a specific price. 

Software 9: TalentLMS 

TalentLMS is a SaaS for Training cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that enables businesses and organizations to create and deliver courses.

TalentLMS provides a user-friendly interface that allows administrators to easily create, manage, and publish courses. It supports various multimedia formats, including videos, audio files, presentations, and documents, making it easy to create engaging and interactive content. Administrators can use the platform to track learners’ progress, generate reports, and issue certifications upon course completion.

The platform is designed to be flexible and scalable, catering to the needs of small and large organizations alike. 

Key Features and Use Cases 

TalentLMS is well-tailored as a power tool, with great user experience. Here are the features it has: 

Key Features Use Cases 
Homepage Builder Create a public custom website on the learning portal. 
Gamification Boosts learner adoption with levels, rewards, leaderboards, and points. 
It lets users turn learning activities into habit-building games.  
Assessments Engine Build a variety of tests with options for drag-and-drop matching, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, open-ended questions, and ordering. 
Files RepositoryIt allows you to store and upload files per account. You can organize, reuse, and share them with users. 
Ecommerce Sell courses or offer them via subscription Payment by Stripe and Paypal. You can also issue coupons and discounts here. 

TalentLMS Pricing 

Talent LMS has 5 payment plans that range from $69/ month to over $459/ month. Its payment plans are: 

  • Starter: $69/ month. It features unlimited courses and email support. It also gives custom homepage creation options. 
  • Basic: $149/ month. All starter features plus single sign-on support, and custom domain + SSL. 
  • Plus: $459/ month. It gives all basic features and custom reports. 
  • Premium: Access all Plus features, Live chat support, Account manager, and automation. 
  • Enterprise: Features and fees are provided on request. This is ideal for organizations in need of high flexibility, and well personalized offerings. 

Software 10: Showpad Coach 

Showpad Coach is a comprehensive sales coaching solution that helps managers develop their teams and achieve better results. It lets managers create personalized coaching plans for their teams, based on the intricate workforce needs and goals.

The software provides tools for creating and delivering coaching content, including video recordings, slide decks, and documents. It also includes features for tracking progress and measuring results, such as coaching scorecards and analytics dashboards.

Key Features and Use Cases

Here is a detailed discuss of the platform’s major features, and their use cases:

Key Features Use Cases 
Automatic Content Synching Synchronize and store your content from your preferred content repository. Distribute your sales content effectively from your storage system of choice, and learn what content is used by sales.
In-platform Content Editing Showpad Coach lets sellers tailor content from Showpad, and share it with learners. Showpad provides a detailed analysis of the performance of the modified content for proper sales visibility. 
Social Selling Send content to prospective readers on social media, and track which has the best engagement rate. 
Email Integrations Automatically track email interactions and provide a streamlined way to access messages via the platform. 
CRM Integrations Makes surface content recommendations based on past preferences and determines the ROI of your content.

Showpad Coach Pricing 

Users pay based on the feature they want to access. The price given below is the base pay for each plan type. Fees might be lesser or more, depending on specific organizational requirements: 

  • Essential: $35/ month for each user 
  • Plus: $45/ month for each user. 


The article provides an overview of some of the best sales training software for 2023. It provides insight into the features, prices, and use cases of different sales training and onboarding tools that guarantee optimum results. 

Are you inquisitive about the best sales training software to equip your workforce at a cost-effective price?  Sales training software are platforms designed to educate teams to improve their performance and skills via modules, coaching, analytics, feedback, and performance tracking.  Let us discuss the best sales training software to consider.  Software 1: MindtickleSoftware 2: SecondNature AISpftware 3: AllegoSoftware 4: SaleshoodSoftware…