Top Talent MarketPlace for High-Growth Companies

Top Talent MarketPlaces for High-Growth Companies  

Finding the best talent marketplace platforms can help you hire much-needed talents to improve your workplace efficiency for maximum productivity. They help enterprises and entrepreneurs with relevant insight and algorithms to hire the right talent. 

As you read this article, you’ll get top-notch information on the 10 top talent marketplace companies, and the features that make them stand out. 

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What is a Talent Marketplace? 

Talent marketplaces are dynamic platforms that facilitate employees’ access to career opportunities and resources vital for their professional advancement. 

Empowered by artificial intelligence, these platforms employ sophisticated algorithms to align employees with growth prospects, encompassing internal projects, online courses, mentorship initiatives, and potential positions within other teams.

Often referred to as talent mobility platforms or opportunity marketplaces, these tools are instrumental in promoting internal talent mobility and facilitating the ongoing skill enhancement of employees. 

Software 1: Gloat 

Gloat is Top Talent MarketPlace for High-Growth Companies

The Gloat Talent marketplace platform is designed to help organizations and employees discover and leverage their skills and career opportunities within the company. 

Gloat’s software uses artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics to match employees with internal projects, career development opportunities, and roles that align with their skills and aspirations.

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
Key Features Use Cases 
Career Path PlanningThe platform offers guidance and recommendations for career development, helping employees set and achieve their objectives within the organization.
Mentorship MatchingSome versions of Gloat’s platform include features for matching employees with mentors or coaches who can offer guidance and support in their career journeys.
Data Analytics Organizations can gain insights from data analytics within the platform, helping them understand talent trends, employee preferences, and areas for skill development.
Employee Profiles Gloat generates individualized profiles for employees, highlighting their skills, achievements, and potential career paths, making it easier for them to explore opportunities.
  • Pricing 
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Gloat offers a custom pricing plan. Thus, you’ll have to reach out to its sales team for a precise cost estimate. 

Software 2: 365 Talents 

365Talents is Top Talent MarketPlace for High-Growth Companies

365 Talents is a talent management and skills development platform designed to help organizations identify, nurture, and leverage the skills and talents of their workforce effectively. 

It offers a range of features to support talent optimization, employee engagement, and professional growth within the organization.

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
Key Features Use Cases 
Skills Gap AnalysisThis feature helps to analyze the skills present in the organization and identify areas where additional training or talent acquisition may be needed to bridge gaps.
Third-party Integration 365 Talents may integrate with other HR systems and learning management platforms, to ensure seamless data flow and a unified talent management approach. 
Internal Mobility The platform facilitates internal talent mobility by connecting employees with new challenges, roles, or projects within the organization, fostering professional growth and retention.
Succession Planning HR teams can use the platform to identify and groom high-potential employees for future leadership roles through succession planning.
  • Pricing 

365 Talents also doesn’t make its pricing plans known to the public, but only on a prices-per-demand basis. 

Software 3: Neobrain 

Neobrain is Top Talent MarketPlace for High-Growth Companies

Neobrain is a talent marketplace AI solution that offers strong capabilities to turn skills into collective performance. The platform is used by global enterprises to track human capital challenges, while it also suggests solutions to the bottlenecks. 

Neobrain Talent Marketplace company matches labor to opportunities by automatically mapping your workforce architecture and providing deep data insights for workforce planning. 

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
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Key Features Use Cases 
Skill LibraryA Skills Library in Neobrain is a centralized repository or database where various skills, competencies, and expertise areas are cataloged and organized.
Skill MappingSkill Mapping refers to the process of identifying and mapping the expertise possessed by employees to specific roles, tasks, or projects within the organization. 
Employee Skill Management Employee Skill Assignment is the capability within Neobrain to assign employees to specific projects, tasks, or roles based on their competencies. 
Included FrameworkThis refers to a predefined or customizable structure or framework that guides the process of skills management, talent allocation, and career development within the software.
  • Pricing 

Although Neobrain makes it open that it has 4 pricing editions, it doesn’t divulge its specific prices to the public. Thus, you need to contact the team directly for a precise cost estimate. 

Software 4: Fuel50 

Fuel50 is Top Talent MarketPlace for High-Growth Companies

Fuel50 is a talent marketplace and career pathing platform designed to empower organizations and employees. 

It helps businesses engage, retain, and develop their workforce by providing tools for skills assessment, career pathing, and internal talent mobility.

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
Key Features Use Cases 
Career Pathing The platform provides employees with a clear view of potential career paths within the organization. 
It offers guidance on the skills, experiences, and steps needed to progress along chosen career trajectories.
Analytics and ReportingThis feature lets users gain insights into their talent pool and career development initiatives through data analytics and reporting tools. This helps in making informed talent management decisions.
Feedback and CoachingIt aids in improving employees’ skills and competencies.
Third-party IntegrationThe platform can integrate with other systems to ensure a seamless flow of talent-related data and processes.
  • Pricing 
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As with others on this list, Talent50 also offers custom packages alone. Due to this, you’ll need to make your request known to them for precise costing.

Software 5: Haystack 

Haystack is Top Talent MarketPlace for High-Growth Companies

Haystack is a leading talent marketplace platform that serves as the bridge that connects top-tier tech professionals with forward-looking tech companies. 

Its approach redefines the concept of discovery, empowering visionary hiring managers to identify, engage, and recruit proven tech talent confidently. For tech enthusiasts, it provides the means to navigate and explore the tech world discreetly, revealing opportunities that align with their passions, principles, and skill sets.

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
Key Features Use Cases 
User ProfileCompanies can create profiles that highlight their values, culture, job openings, and other information that helps attract and engage potential candidates.Job seekers can create detailed profiles that showcase their skills, qualifications, work experience, and other relevant information. 
Smart AdvertisingThis feature involves promoting Job postings and opportunities to the right audience, ensuring that job seekers and companies are matched more efficiently.
Intelligent sourcing This feature lets Job seekers receive personalized job recommendations that align with their skills and career goals.
  • Pricing 

Haystack offers 60 days free trial for professionals. The talent marketplace company has not provided pricing information for this product. 

Software 6: Workday HCM 

Workday HCM is Top Talent MarketPlace for High-Growth Companies

Workday Human Capital Management is a cloud-based enterprise talent marketplace platform that provides a comprehensive set of HR and onboarding solutions. 

It is designed to help organizations manage their workforce effectively, streamline hiring and onboarding processes, and make data-driven decisions related to human resources. The platform is also known for its user-friendly interface, scalability, and ability to adapt to the needs of a wide range of businesses.

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
Key Features Use Cases 
HR ManagementWorkday HCM offers a centralized system for managing employee data, including personal information, compensation, benefits, and employment history. 
It provides tools for tracking employee time and attendance, absence management, and workforce planning.
Talent Acquisition Workday HCM includes recruitment and applicant tracking features to streamline the hiring process. It allows companies to create job requisitions, manage candidate profiles, schedule interviews, and make job offers. 
Performance ManagementThis feature offers tools for setting performance goals, conducting performance reviews, and providing continuous feedback to employees.
Integration and ExtensibilityWorkday HCM can integrate with other enterprise systems and applications, allowing for data synchronization and automation.
Workforce AnalyticsWorkday HCM offers robust reporting and analytics tools to help organizations make data-driven decisions. This feature provides insights into workforce trends, turnover rates, and other HR metrics.
  • Pricing 

It offers custom pricing based on the number of employees you want to recruit, and manage. 

Software 7: Avature 

Avature is Top Talent MarketPlace for High-Growth Companies

Avature is an AI talent marketplace pioneering platform that enables organizations to craft and implement HR programs that drive strategic impact. It empowers forward-thinking leaders and IT professionals to shed outdated systems in favor of agile, innovative solutions. 

Avature’s versatile solutions facilitate talent identification, recruitment, development, and retention in fiercely competitive global markets. Its flexibility extends to customizable workflows, portal building, and APIs, allowing real-time adjustments. Operating within a highly secure Private Cloud, Avature assures high performance, adhering to rigorous industry standards. 

Unifying data from disparate systems, Avature offers tailored experiences through numerous portals and personalized features.

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
Key Features Use Cases 
Private Cloud HostingAvature provides a high-performance and highly secure hosting environment in a Private Cloud, meeting stringent industry standards for data security.
End-to-End Talent ManagementThis feature covers the entire talent management lifecycle, including the identification, attraction, hiring, development, and retention of talented individuals in competitive industries and global markets.
Customized User ExperienceUsers can create multiple portals with tailor-made user experiences, distinct workflow processes, and advanced personalization features to treat individuals as unique.
  • Pricing 

Avature AI doesn’t make its pricing public. Also, it doesn’t offer a free trial but can provide a demo. 

Software 8: Degreed 

Degreed is Top Talent MarketPlace for High-Growth Companies

Degreed is a software solution that doubles as both a talent marketplace and a platform to support employee learning and development within organizations. 

It focuses on upskilling and reskilling employees to help them acquire new skills, knowledge, and competencies, ultimately contributing to individual career growth and the success of the organization.

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
Key Features Use Cases 
Skills Tracking and DevelopmentEmployees can track their skill development progress and receive recommendations for additional learning opportunities. 
It also lets managers and HR professionals gain insights into the skills and competencies of their workforce.
Analytics and ReportingDegreed offers analytics and reporting tools that allow organizations to measure the impact of learning initiatives.
It provides data on learning engagement, completion rates, and skill development.
Integration Degreed can be integrated with other HR and talent management systems. It can be customized to align with an organization’s branding and specific learning objectives.
  • Pricing 

You’ll need to request a custom quote from Degreed for precise cost. 

Software 9: Eightfold.AI

Eightfold.AI is Top Talent MarketPlace for High-Growth Companies is an AI-powered talent intelligence platform revolutionizing talent management. By harnessing artificial intelligence, it empowers organizations to attract, engage, develop, and retain top talent more effectively. 

The platform excels in personalized recruitment, diversity and inclusion initiatives, predictive analytics for workforce planning, and upskilling and reskilling employees. It also fosters internal mobility and talent marketplace agility while ensuring compliance and minimizing bias in talent decisions. 

With its data-driven insights and recommendations, enables organizations to create a more inclusive, agile, and competitive workforce, driving both individual career growth and overall business success.

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
Key Features Use Cases 
Candidate Relationship ManagementThis feature lets recruiters build and maintain relationships with potential candidates for future roles.
Predictive AnalysisThe predictive analytics feature helps to forecast workforce needs, helping organizations plan for future talent requirements and address potential skill gaps.
Diversity and Inclusion Insights This feature provides insights into diversity and inclusion metrics, helping organizations monitor and improve their diversity efforts.
Internal Mobility Employees can access in-housel job opportunities and receive recommendations for roles that align with their skills and career goals.
  • Pricing 

Pricing is custom-tailored to the needs of clients. Thus, pricing is dependent on the intricacy of your organization and the features you need. 

Software 10: Phenom

Phenom is Top Talent MarketPlace for High-Growth Companies

Phenom is an AI-driven talent Marketplace Software as a Service (SaaS) tool for uncovering latent skills and untapped potential. 

It offers crucial support for reallocating resources and fostering workforce flexibility. Its skill analytics provide game-changing insights into your workforce, enabling the development of effective HR strategies grounded in meaningful people analytics. 

Phenom is currently being utilized by employees in 58 countries worldwide, the SaaS brings employees together to explore flexible work arrangements, novel collaboration models, and diverse topics, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, breaking down silos, fueling innovation, and bolstering competitiveness.

  • Key Features and Use Cases 
Key Features Use Cases 
Sourcing and Candidate IdentificationThis feature enables organizations to identify potential job candidates from various sources.
Applicant TrackingIt allows organizations to manage and streamline the recruitment process efficiently.
Employer Branding It helps companies create and showcase a strong and appealing employer brand through candidate communication.
  • Pricing 

Phenom does not make its pricing public as it only offers custom fees tailored to the intricate needs of users. 


Talent marketplace software offers a range of features and functionalities to support talent acquisition, talent management, and workforce optimization. They provide the requisite tools to hire top-notch talent for maximum output.

Finding the best talent marketplace platforms can help you hire much-needed talents to improve your workplace efficiency for maximum productivity. They help enterprises and entrepreneurs with relevant insight and algorithms to hire the right talent.  As you read this article, you’ll get top-notch information on the 10 top talent marketplace companies, and the features that make them stand out.  Table…