10 Google Project Management Tools To Try Out in 2023 

Google has an array of tools that are known for being simplistic and effective. Chief among sectors where its product has found immense applicability is project management. 

In this article, we’ll educate you on some top Google project management tools for 2023, their key features, and prices. This way, you can better decide which is best for your organization. 

▶ Does Google Have a Project Management Tool?
▶ Software 1: Google Task
▶ Software 2: Google Sheets
▶ Software 3: Google Drive
▶ Software 4: Google Docs
▶ Software 5: Google Calendar
▶ Software 6: Google Chat
▶ Software 7: Google Meet
▶ Software 8: Google Slides
▶ Software 9: Google Sites
▶ Software 10: Google Forms
▶ Summary

Does Google Have a Project Management Tool? 

Short Answer! Yes, Google has project management tools, and they are all clustered in a package called “Google Workspace”. 

Although Google Workspace is not a dedicated project management tool in itself, like some other software in the market, it provides several tools that you can use for project management

Let’s discuss ten of those tools, and educate you on some of their noteworthy features: 

Software 1: Google Task 

Google Tasks is a work management tool created primarily to help users create, organize, and manage their to-do lists and tasks effectively. 

Google Tasks is available as a standalone app for mobile devices (Android and iOS) and is also integrated into other Google productivity tools such as Google Calendar, Google Mail (Gmail), and Google Workspace. 

Key Features and Use Cases 

Key Features Use Cases 
Task Creation and Organization This feature allow users to create tasks easily, and organize them into different categories or lists. 
You may categorize tasks based on priorities, projects, or any grouping that suits your workflow. 
Reminders You can set due dates for your tasks–ensuring you stay on track with deadlines. 
Collaboration and Sharing You can share task lists with others, track progress, and delegate to team members. Changes by an individual are updated in real time for all collaborators. 


Google tasks is free to us across-board. 

Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheet application that’s created by Google. It’s part of the Company’s Workplace productivity suit and can be accessed via a web browser or by downloading its mobile app. 

The software lets users create, edit, and collaborate on spreadsheets in real time. It’s similar to what’s obtainable with programs like Microsoft Excel, just that it offers more functions for organizing, analyzing, and visualizing data. 

Below are some of its key features and use cases.

Key Features and Use Cases 

Key Features Use Cases 
Add-one and Extensions The platform has functionalities that support extensions and add-ons to personalize its features. Users can install add-ons to enhance spreadsheet performance. 
Automation Users can automate repetitive tasks within the Google Sheets with the aid of custom and macros scrips written in Google Apps Script. It streamlines workflows and saves time. 
Data AnalysisThis feature helps to create pivot tables, generate charts, and graphs to visualize patterns. 
Formulas Google Sheets offers a range of built-in formulas to automate tasks, manipulate data, and perform calculations. 


Google Sheets is free to use across the board. 

Software 3: Google Drive 

It is a cloud storage and file synchronization software created by Google for securely transferring files securely in the cloud, and accessing them from any internet enabled device. 

When you use Google Drive, you can upload files of various types, including images, videos, documents, and more. These files are safely stored on Goolge’s server, guaranteeing that they remain safe and available, even if your device is lost or inaccessible. 

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Key Features and Use Cases 

Key Features Use Cases 
Cloud-based collaborationThis feature facilitates seamless sharing and collaboration. 
It lets users share folders and files with specific individuals or groups, permitting them to comment, view, or edit specific files in real time. 
Offline Access Users can synchronize their files between their devices and the cloud.Any changes made while offline are automatically synced when the internet connection is restored. 
File Versioning and Recovery Google Drive keep track of file versions, permitting users to access previous file versions. 
In the instance of accidental modifications or deletions, you can restore previous versions or recover deleted files from the Trash folder.  
Search and Discovery The software has a powerful search functionality that let users quickly file with specific keywords. 


  • Free up to 15 Gb per year. 
  • Business starter: $6/user/ month: users can access up to 30 GB per year, 
  • Business standard: $12/ user/ month: access up to 2 TB per year, 
  • Business Plus: $18/ user/ month: access up to 5 TB per year, 
  • Enterprise: Custom Quote: As much as you need. 

Software 4: Google Docs 

Google Docs is a web-based word-processing application created by Google. 

The primary purpose of Google Docs is to provide a user-friendly platform for creating and working on documents collaboratively. This is particularly useful for students, individuals, and team that need to work together on a documents and receive suggestions from others. 

Being Cloud-based, users can access their documents from any device with an internet connection. It feature ensures that all documents remain backed up and are easily accessible, thereby, minimizing the risk if a data loss. 

Key Features and Use Cases 

Key Features Use Cases 
Real-time CollaborationMultiple users can simultaneously work on the same document, seeing updates in real-time. 
This eliminates the need for version control, and permits seamless communication through comments and suggestions. 
Version History Google Docs automatically tracks and saves versions of the document, permitting users to view and restore previous versions. 
Access Restriction Once permission is granted to all, everyone with the link can make edits to the content. You can also give users different kinds of access. E.g., editing, suggestion, viewing, etc. 


This is free across board. 

Google Calendar is an online time-management tool. It allows users to organize and schedule appointments, events, tasks, and meeting in a convenient and accessible manner. 

Google Calender can be accessed through a web browser on any device with internet connectivity. It’s also available as a mobile application for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to manage their calendars on the go. 

Let’s delve into the key features of this Google Project Management tool: 

Key Features and Use Cases 

Key Features Use Cases 
Event Creation Users can create event by specifying date, time, title, location, duration, and description. 
Additionally, you can also set events to repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly, or custom schedule. 
Time zone support Google Calendar automatically adjust events based on the User’s time zone. This is a very important feature if you’re scheduling event across different regions. 
Collaboration and sharing Google Calendar supports collaboration by allowing users to share their calendars. 
Reminders and notifications Google Calendar send reminders via notifications or emails on mobile devices to ensure that users don’t miss out on important events. 


Google Calendar has the free version and the business version. The business version is priced at $5 per month, or $50 per year. 

Software 6: Google Chat 

Google Chat is a messaging and collaboration tool that’s designed to facilitate real-time teamwork, communication, and information sharing among teams and individuals.

Users can share files from Google Drive or upload them from local devices. They can also comment and edit on shared documents. 

Key Features and Use Cases 

Key Features Use Cases 
Threaded Conversations Users can create threaded conversation to organize discussion around specific topics. This helps to keep conversations focused, and makes it easier to follow conversation flows. 
Mention and Notifications Users can mention specific individuals or groupd with the “@” symbol followed by their name in the chat room. This alerts them and ensures that they know you mentioned them. 
Search and History It has a powerful search functionality that lets users find and locate specific content. Google Chat stores its history, making it easy to refer to former discussions. 
Security and ComplianceIt encryptes information shared, and adheres to all industry-standard security protocols. 


It is free to use for individuals and businesses across all niches, 

Software 7: Google Meet 

Google Meet is a online meeting and video conferencing platform. 

It lets users host and participate in collaborative sessions and virtual meetings. By using Google Meet, users can easily connect with others via audio and video, share their screens, and collaborate in real-time.

Google Meets supports high-quality video and audio streaming, ensuring a smooth meeting experience. It offers features like screen sharing, real-time captions, and the likes. Lets take a dig into its key features and their use cases. 

Key Features and Use Cases

Here are the most notable key features: 

Key Features Use Cases 
Video Conferencing Google Meet permits face-to-face video communication with participants irrespective of location. 
Screen Sharing Users can share their screen with meeting participants, letting them view their documents, presentations, and other content being displayed on their screens. 
Real-Time CaptionsThis feature offers real-time captioning–a feature that automatically transcribes spoken words into text. It’s a great feature that eases meetings with individuals that have hearing impairments. 
Recording Users can record meetings, making it easy to capture important discussions, trainings, and presentations. You can save recorded meetings on Google Drive or share them with others for future reference. 


Google Meet is free to use across board. 

Software 8: Google Slides 

Google Slides is a cloud-based presentation tool that lets users create, edit, and deliver visually engaging presentation. By using Google Slides, users can craft professional sludeshows to communicate ideas, share information and deliver presentation.

This project management tool by Google offers accessibility and collaboration features, enabling users to create and edit presentations from any device that has internet connection.

It offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of creating and formatting slides. Let’s discuss its primary features right away:

Key Features and Use Cases  

Key Features Use Cases 
Animation and Transition Effects Google slides makes it easy for Project Managers to make a range of animation and transition effects to enhance their visual appeal and project interactivity. 
They can help captivate team members by making the presentation more dynamic and engaging. 
Commenting and Feedback User you share the slide with can leave comments on specific pages or elements within slides. This helps to gather information from team members. You can use comments to suggest changes, ask questions, and offer input. 
Adds-ons and ExtensionsGoogle Slides supports a range of add-ons and extension that enhance functionality and expande available features. You can install add-ons from the Google Workspace Marketplace. 


Google Slides is available for free as part of a Google account. 

Software 9: Google Sites 

Google Sites is a web creation tool that lets uses create and publish minimalist websites without having to code or deploy complex web infrastructure. It offers an easy-to-use web interface for organizing content and creating web pages. 

It’s a useful Google tool for project managers as it supports real-time collaborative editing, enabling all team members to work on a task collaboratively

Google Sites allow you to integrate media types like videos, embedded documents, text, and images. This lets a project manager create engaging and dynamic content they can share with others. 

Key Features and Use Cases 

Key Features Use Cases 
Custom Domain MappingUsers can map a custom domain to their Google Sites website, giving it a personalize and professional web address. 
Access Control and Permisssions Google Sites offer granular access control and permission setting. You can manage who can view, edit, or contribute to the website. 
Analytics and InsightsGoogle Sites integrates with Google Analytics by default, enabling users to track web traffic, visitor behavior and other metrics. 
Templates and Themes This feature offers the platform a wide variety of themes and templates to choose from. 


Google Sites is 100% free forever. If however, you’re using Google Sites together with Google Apps, then you’ll be required to pay a user license fee of $50 per year. 

Software 10: Google Forms 

Google Forms is an online survey and data collection tool. Project managers can use the software to create custom forms, quizzes, and questionnaire to gather information from respondents. 

The form enables users to share their forms via a unique URL, and can be embedded into documents or websites.

Let’s delve into the intricacy of the features and their use cases: 

Key Features and Use Cases 

Key Features Use Cases 
Response CollectionOnce you create a form, you can share it with respondents by using a unique URL. 
It automatically collects and organizes responses in spreadsheet, making it easy to view, analyze, and export collected data. 
Conditional LogicIt allow users to create dynamic forms that adapt based on answers of respondents. 
Data ValidationUsers can set validation rules for questions to ensure that respondents provide valid and appropriate answers. 
Quizzes and Grading You can use Google Forms to create quizzes and assessments. Users can assign point values to questions, automatically grade responses, and provide prompt feedback to respondents. 


As with other Google project management software mentioned here, Google Forms is free to use. 


Google Project Management tools help you work collaboratively, and provide you with real-time changes in project. This article is an all-star guide to major project management tools by Google, their features, and how much each cost.  

Google has an array of tools that are known for being simplistic and effective. Chief among sectors where its product has found immense applicability is project management.  In this article, we’ll educate you on some top Google project management tools for 2023, their key features, and prices. This way, you can better decide which is best for your organization.  ▶…