Small Business Warehouse Tools for Effective Storage Management

Small business warehouse inventory software is among the most important tools for every enterprise with a complex warehouse. These tools help to track deliveries, maximize warehouse spacing, quickly identify theft, and pinpoint the precise location of products. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what is a warehouse management system, top warehouse management software for small businesses in 2023, their key features, use cases, and prices. 

▶ What is Small Business Warehouse Software?
▶ Software 1: Mintsoft
▶ Software 2: ShipHero
▶ Software 3: Oracle Fusion Warehouse Management System
▶ Software 4: Netsuite Warehouse Management System
▶ Software 5: Ehrhardt Partner Group Warehouse Management System
▶ Software 6: Shipedge
▶ Software 7: Anchanto e-Warehouse Management System
▶ Software 8: Extensiv
▶ Software 9: ORDERWISE
▶ Software 10: Brightpearl
▶ Wrapping Up

What is Small Business Warehouse Software? 

Small Business Warehouse Software is a specialized type of system that’s designed to help small and medium-sized businesses efficiently manage their operations. 

It provides various tools and functionalities to streamline and optimize inventory management, order processing, and overall warehouse logistics.

Software 1: Mintsoft 

Mintsoft is a cloud-based software solution built from the ground up for multi-channel retailers and 3PLs. 

It offers comprehensive order and warehouse management capabilities for e-commerce enterprises. It also helps businesses streamline their operations, improve fulfillment processes and optimize inventory management.

The platform qualifies as warehouse management software for small businesses due to the presence of these features: 

Key Features and Use Cases 

Key Features Use Cases 
Order Management Mintsoft lets businesses manage and process orders from multiple sales channels, like websites, brick-and-mortar stores, etc. It automates order routing and track delivery. 
3 PL Management SystemMintsoft’s 3 PL WMS let businesses issue varying real-time access and reporting levels to their client base. Clients can access order progress status without having to contact you. 
Shipping and Carrier Integration The software integrates with multiple shipping carriers, generating shipping labels, and rates. 
It supports carriers like FedEx, DHL, and USPA, letting enterprises choose the most cost-effective and efficient shipping options. 
Reporting and Analytics The software offers reporting and analytics tools that offer insights into key performance indicators and operational metrics. 
Businesses may generate reports on order volumes, inventory levels, shipping costs, and fulfillment accuracies. 
Inventory management The software provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, allowing businesses to track stock across multiple warehouses and locations. 
Mintsoft helps optimize inventory replenishment, implement stock control measures, and prevent stockouts or overstocks.


Minthsoft offers multiple pricing packages and plans. Let’s explore all: 

  • Starter: £375/month: (10 x 3 PL clients, 2 x free initial training sessions, and 3,000 orders per month). 
  • Medium:  £649/ month: (Starter offerings + 15 x 3 PL clients, and 5000 orders per month). 
  • Large: £899: (Medium + 20 x 3 PL clients, and 7,500 orders per month). 
  • Extra Large: £1149: (Large + 30 x 3 PL clients, and 10000 orders per month). 
  • Enterprise: Custom based on enterprise needs. 

ShipHero is a cloud-based warehouse management software for small businesses needing an encompassing tool for inventory, order management, and sales tracking. 

The decade-old software can manage multiple warehouses with a single account, a perfect feature for multi-chain retailers. 

Key Features and Use Cases 

The main features of this software entail: 

Key Features Use Cases 
B2B Wholesale ShippingThis feature helps eCommerce wholesale brands receive and fulfill orders to retailers that comply with their requirements. 
Performance and Progress ReportIt gathers data and analyzes them to provide insight that will make you edge out your competitors.
Rate ShoppingShipHero finds and prints the cheapest shipping label that will get your products to customers on time. It eliminates manual decision-making by packers.t\
Putaway It helps businesses find the most ideal place to arrange new products in their warehouse. 


  • Standard WMS for Brands: £1350
  • WMS for 3PLS: £1500
  • Enterprise WMS for Brands: Quoted 

Software 3: Oracle Fusion Warehouse Management System

This is an Oracle-owned cloud-based warehouse distribution software that helps manage supply chains, inventory, and fulfillment services with modern features. It offers real-time access to inventory and is accessible via a browser and smartphone. 

Key Features and Use Cases 

Key Features Use Cases 
Container managementOracle Warehouse Management container management enables you to pack and unpack LPN contents, move and transact inventory, and print LPN labels.
Inbound logistics management Oracle offers advanced shipping warehouse management that speeds up the receiving process by enabling the receiver to check in entire inbound loads without having to enter individual line information. 
Integration with other in-house software ​​This software integrates with the Oracle Agile Manufacturing suite of products. This eases raw material stock management and product inventory.


Oracle offers a custom price for its warehouse management solution, thus, you’ll have to contact the sales team for pricing. 

Netsuite warehouse management system maximizes operations and reduces costs by automating processes. The software guides users through their daily warehouse activities, particularly those associated with outbound and inbound logistics and storage. 

Netsuite warehouse logistics tool records data in real-time using a mobile device and ensures it keeps inventory records accurately and up to date. Its predefined pick, pack, and ship strategies ensure that outbound orders are quickly and accurately fulfilled. 

Let’s delve into the crux of its features and their use cases: 

Key Features and Use Cases 

Key Features Use Cases 
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)This feature uses radio waves to transmit data wirelessly between RFID tags and readers. 
These advanced data capture capabilities enhance warehouse operations, resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy, and visibility.
Forecasting Forecasting helps businesses predict the future demand for products and materials in their warehouse. It does this by analyzing historical data, and sales trends.


Netsuite Warehouse Management System offers custom pricing that’s determined by features needed, and the number of employees in your enterprise. 

Software 5: Ehrhardt Partner Group Warehouse Management System

This warehouse management system is designed for smart warehouses, and it’s useful for use in a range of industries.

EPG’s warehouse management system helps you plan and control your entire materials and information flow and manages staff task allocation and all available resources. It can guide the movement of all manual and automated storage units safely with maximum transparency. 

Let’s discuss the key features and use cases of this software: 

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Key Features and Use Cases 

Key Features Use Cases 
Worldwide support EPG guarantees worldwide 24/7 support for all our software solutions. The product also supports multiple languages, an excellent feature for enterprises in different locations. 
Cross-dockingThis feature streamlines the process of unloading goods from inbound vehicles and directly loading them onto outbound vehicles for fast and efficient distribution.
Returns management Efficient processing and tracking of returned items, including restocking or disposal.


EPG warehouse management system offers custom prices, as such, you’ll have to contact the sales team for precise costs. 

Software 6: Shipedge

Shipedge is a cloud-based supply chain solution that helps distribution centers, eCommerce companies, and distribution centers. 

Shipedge provides you with complete-chain automation. This software eliminates errors, increases efficiencies, and reduces labor costs. Shipedge has warehouse design, packaging algorithms, an auto-ship rate shop, etc. 

Key Features and Use Cases 

Key Features Use Cases 
Shipping managementShipedge’s ship management feature focuses on optimizing the shipping process for e-commerce businesses.
Barcoding Barcoding is an essential aspect of modern warehouse management systems, and Shipedge offers robust barcode management capabilities. 
Receiving/ Putaway management It assigns storage locations to received items based on predefined warehouse rules. 
Quality Control It conducts quality checks on received products to identify and handle damaged or defective items.


Shipedge has 3 pricing plans that start at $500/ month. 

  • Startup: $500
  • Suite: Custom  
  • Enterprise: Custom

Software 7: Anchanto e-Warehouse Management System 

Anchanto e-warehouse management system is designed to align fulfillment operations and warehousing operations for B2C and B2B. It helps to manage e-Commerce and B2B logistics operations from handheld, one single platform, on mobile, desktop, and every type of handheld device.  

Anchanto provides access to real-time inventory and optimizes your space. 

Key Features and Use Cases 

Let’s delve into the intricacy of key features and use cases: 

Key Features Use Cases 
Pre-built integrationsIt features pre-built integrations that integrate easily with your logistics network. 
Anchanto is pre-integrated with over 40 leading last-mile carriers and postal services for quick and easy dispatch. 
Centralized Control It quickly and seamlessly onboard customers and suppliers to your platform. Anchanto enables service-level agreements for all your clients from one dashboard. 
Real-time inventory This feature synchronizes all inventory in real time. It checks product availability and identifies low stocks or those out of stock. 
Watch Tower It provides end-to-end visibility on your supply chain network in real time, helping you identify bottlenecks in your operations.
Operations experience This feature helps to onboard and launch your customers. 


Anchanto offers custom pricing that’s dependent on your business type, workforce strength, and the features you need. 

Software 8: Extensiv 

Extensiv offers complete visibility across your business and inventory as it provides an accurate view of your current supply and insights that can help you better adapt to demand. 

The software is built to easily use scan validation during cycle counts and bin moves to significantly improve inventory accuracy. It has a range of features that makes it stand out among its competitors. These are: 

Key Features and Use Cases 

Key Features Use Cases 
Personalized VisibilityExtensiv Warehouse has a simple and comprehensive interface that’s powered by real-time data. 
Every user can filter what the interface displays, allowing you to quickly evaluate quantities, and track items across your warehouse(s). 
Cycle Counting This feature aids seamless inventory auditing by setting up recurring inventory assessments and assigning tasks to team members to reduce potential discrepancies and validate inventory integrity. Running cycle counts helps warehouses automate inventory accounting. 
ReplenishmentThis feature automatically notifies you to replenish your stock. It dynamically adapts fulfillment operations to your current warehouse conditions. 
It also provides insights to assist you to plan strategically and make decisions that can better your business. 


Extensiv offers a custom pricing option, thus, you’ll have to contact the sales team for fees, as it’s determined based on the features you’ll need. 

Software 9: ORDERWISE

Orderwise is an end-to-end warehouse management system that provides operational efficiency that improves order fulfillment. 

Orderwise warehouse management system provides users with real-time visibility of your operations, aiding in streamlining tasks, meeting customer demands, and increasing throughput. Let’s discuss its key features and their use cases. 

Key Features and Use Cases 

Key Features Use Cases 
Stock control Orderwise, through its stock control feature, lets users achieve visibility and traceability across locations in real time. 
BI Alerts This feature lets you deliver key alerts to your teams, the very moment you require it. 
ReportingThis feature lets you leverage more than 200 reports to analyze every aspect of your warehouse operations. 
Kitting It lets you manage inventory components, from simple bundles to multi-level BOMs. 
DashboardsThis feature lets you track business performance based on over 300 KPI displays. 


The price of Orderwise is based on the custom features you require. Orderwise tailors its features to the demand of its clients.

Software 10: Brightpearl

Brightpearl is a small business warehouse inventory software that’s designed with an emphasis on retail and wholesale industries. 

The product offers diverse versions to serve multi-faceted business dimensions. Some notable benefits of this product entail real-time reporting, error minimization, overall cost savings, and increased efficiency. 

Key Features and Use Cases 

Key Features Use Cases 
Robust CRM This feature helps to improve relationship management and track customer disputes. It helps to guarantee better user retention. 
End-to-End Inventory Management This feature helps to eliminate discrepancies in your stock and improve the efficiency of your delivery system. 
Automated Order Process It reduces human errors by automating repetitive processes, and increasing consumer satisfaction. 
Workflow AutomationThis feature streamlines operations improves time, and reduces operational costs. 
Integrated Financial Reporting This feature provides you with real-time financial insights, and data to proactively make apt decisions. 


Brightpearl only offers custom pricing, thus, you’ll have to contact the sales team to negotiate the cost of using the software. The fee will vary per feature needed. 

Wrapping Up

Small business warehouse tools help you optimize your storage house, assign tasks, and guarantee quicker delivery. It provides you with real-time updates on your stock and predicts the availability of resources in your inventory. 

This article provides a detailed discussion of major warehouse distribution software, its features, and its cost. 

Small business warehouse inventory software is among the most important tools for every enterprise with a complex warehouse. These tools help to track deliveries, maximize warehouse spacing, quickly identify theft, and pinpoint the precise location of products.  In this article, we’ll discuss what is a warehouse management system, top warehouse management software for small businesses in 2023, their key features,…