7 Leading Personalization Engines of 2023

Today most businesses face one similar problem: how to make sure we meet the different tastes of each customer while keeping a personalized approach?

The answer is simple and kind of obvious at the same time – with the help of modern technologies. 

Of course, people can’t keep up with all the data points they have to process daily just to create a better customer experience for clients. So this was the reason for people to create personalization engines!

In this article, we’ll explain what is a personalization engine and talk about the top seven tools that help multiple companies create a more personalized customer experience. 

▶ What Is a Personalization Engine?
▶ Insider
▶ Optimizely Web Experimentation
▶ Dynamic Yield
▶ Braze
▶ Bloomreach
▶ CleverTap
▶ Iterable
▶ Wrapping up

What Is a Personalization Engine?

When it comes to online shopping, a personalization engine is a tool that companies use to track and analyze customer activity. Its main point is to provide a more personalized service, like targeted promotions, product suggestions, and other automated marketing efforts. 

Digital marketing teams use content personalization engines because they increase the number of leads that turn into customers, improve marketing campaigns, and increase customer satisfaction. And all this greatly improves corporate results. Digital customer experience delivery platforms (DCED) and customer data platforms (CDP) sometimes have personalization engines built in or integrated. The tools use a personalization engine and A/B testing software to make the content creation and distribution cycle to be fully customizable.

Also, a customization engine must meet the following requirements for a product:

  • Combine the information gathered from the different customer service channels;
  • Create and offer different user experiences for each channel;
  • Provide customers the option to customize their purchases on their own;
  • In the process of developing your client profile, you should make use of A/B testing, segmentation, and machine learning;


Insider is one of the industry-leading personalization engines, allowing businesses to provide customers with individualized service. With Insider, enterprise marketers can integrate client data from many sources into one platform for creating content personalization and cross-channel experiences. The goal of Insider’s platform is to increase user involvement, boost conversions, and strengthen brand loyalty through the use of AI and ML. 

IKEA, Adidas, Estee Lauder, MAC Cosmetics, Singapore Airlines, Burger King, Virgin, Toyota, New Balance, Samsung, Newsweek, MediaMarkt, Nissan, AVIS, Marks & Spencer, Allianz, BBVA, Domino’s, Avon, and CNN are just a few of the over a thousand global brands that rely on Insider.

The adaptable personalization software offered by Insider can be helpful to a variety of industries, including e-commerce, tourism, the media, and others.

Key features

  • Platform – optimization, integrations, mobile marketing
  • Analysis – campaign analysis
  • Campaigns – push notifications, audience segmentation
  • Engagement – coupons and promotions
  • Segmentation – A/B testing, customer profiles
  • Targeting – behavioral targeting, contextual targeting
  • Personalized Content – website personalization
  • Intelligence – marketing metrics
  • Platform Basics – dynamic segmentation, journey optimization
  • Platform Data – dashboards


  • Offers a free trial period. 
  • Get in touch with Insider to learn about their current rates.

Optimizely Web Experimentation

You can design and deliver personalized experiences for your customers with the help of Optimizely Web Experimentation, a robust personalization engine tool. While A/B testing and feature flagging get most of the attention, Optimizely also has powerful personalization tools that can boost user engagement and increase conversion rates.
Using Optimizely Web Experimentation, teams can run experiments (without involving developer resources) to examine the effects of different user interactions, implement data-driven improvements to their websites, and provide more tailored service to their clientele. 

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Teams can improve velocity, collaborate more effectively, and boost performance by utilizing this rebuy personalization engine, which gives all members of the experimentation process access to a single workspace where they have unprecedented control and visibility across their projects.

Key features

  • Visitor Behavior – targeting
  • Personalization – content
  • Multichannel – web, mobile
  • Segmentation – A/B testing
  • Targeting – behavioral targeting, contextual targeting
  • Management – rollout & rollback control
  • Functionality – feature testing, low-code interface
  • Analytics – reporting and analytics
  • Experimental Design – multivariate testing capacities, concurrent testing, mobile testing
  • Computing – little to no coding


Before providing you with pricing plan details, Optimizely Web Experimentation needs to learn about your specific needs and provide customized pricing so you can make the next step towards optimized experiences.

Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield’s omnichannel personalization engine was designed to help teams move quickly from concept design to delivery of experiences. Its task is to achieve operational independence through the use of a single platform, to exert influence over the entire customer journey from a central location, to accomplish more with fewer people through the use of our team of experts and scalable artificial intelligence, and to realize value sooner.

Dynamic Yield, a Mastercard subsidiary, works with companies of all sizes and in a wide variety of sectors to create and implement tailored, optimized, and synchronized digital customer experiences.

Marketers, product managers, engineers, and digital teams can all use Dynamic Yield to target their audience better and increase conversions, sales, and customer retention.

More than 400 worldwide brands use Dynamic Yield’s Experience Optimization platform across marketing, product, development, and eCommerce.

Key features

  • Visitor Behavior – monitoring, targeting
  • Templates – customization, optimization
  • Personalization – recommendation, content
  • Multichannel – web
  • Segmentation – A/B testing, customer profiles
  • Targeting – behavioral targeting, contextual targeting
  • Triggered Content – geofencing, triggered messages
  • Personalized Content – recommendation engine, website personalization


  • Free trial available
  • Get in touch with Dynamic Yield to learn about their current rates


As a personalization engine solution, Braze provides enterprises with advanced customization tools. While it isn’t advertised as such, Braze’s set of tools and capabilities allows for highly targeted and individualized experiences to be delivered across a number of channels of communication.

Braze is the industry standard when it comes to all-inclusive customer engagement platforms, and it is the platform that customers turn to in order to connect with their preferred brands. It enables global organizations to continually evolve their customer engagement strategies by ingesting and processing consumer data in real-time, orchestrating and optimizing contextually relevant, cross-channel marketing campaigns. 

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Key features

  • Email Marketing – building and personalizing emails, sending outbound emails, manage email deliverability
  • Lead Management – segmentation
  • Reporting & Analytics – basic reporting
  • Analysis – campaign analysis
  • Campaigns – push notifications, audience segmentation, scheduling, segmentation, triggered notifications
  • Analytics – campaign performance, audience insights
  • Optimization – A/B testing, personalization


Get in touch with Braze to learn about their current rates.


Bloomreach is a platform that employs artificial intelligence to improve e-commerce sites’ search functionality and individual product recommendations. The platform’s primary objective is to equip businesses with the means to provide clients with personalized and interesting digital experiences, which in turn boosts conversion rates and sales. 

Bloomreach is the most successful Commerce Experience Cloud on the market because it enables companies to provide customers with experiences that are magically tailored to their needs. 

Its technologies, including an e-commerce personalization engine, Discovery (an AI-driven search and merchandising platform), Content (a headless content management system), and Engagement (a premier customer data platform and marketing automation tools), help to propel genuine personalization and the expansion of digital commerce. 

Key features

  • Email Marketing – building and personalizing emails, sending outbound emails, manage email deliverability, automated email responses
  • Online Marketing – dynamic content, A/B testing, mobile optimized
  • Lead Management – marketing lead database, data quality management, segmentation, online behavior tracking
  • Reporting & Analytics – basic reporting, web analytics, ROI analytics, revenue analytics


The Bloomreach platform offers three different pricing plans. 

  • Bloomreach Content – Increase sales and customer retention with
  • data-driven marketing automation.
  • Bloomreach Discovery – the market’s quickest ROl personalized site search.
  • Bloomreach Engagement – a headless content management system made for scalable commerce.

Get in touch with Bloomreach to learn about their current rates.


CleverTap is the cutting-edge, all-in-one personalization engine tool that drives up customer retention and lifetime value for digital consumer brands. For companies that understand and place a high value on customer retention, CleverTap makes it possible to drive context and personalization.

It’s the first and only product of its kind to be powered by TesseractDB (TM), the first database designed specifically for user engagement and retention.

App-first companies can use this product personalization engine to boost user engagement, retention, and lifetime value by tailoring and optimizing all customer touchpoints. With audience analytics, deep segmentation, multichannel engagement, product recommendations, and automation, it is the only solution designed to meet the needs of retention and growth teams.

CleverTap is powered by the 3rd generation of TesseractDBTM, which is the world’s first embedded Native CDP inside a retention and engagement platform. Because of this, it is now feasible to hyper-personalize each and every user interaction at scale and in real time.

CleverTap was developed for business-to-consumer companies, multi-industry marketing, product, growth, and retention groups and is used by those tasked with customer retention, expansion, and participation. 

Key features

  • User Identification – demographics, user segmentation
  • Tracking & Reporting – custom event tracking, real-time insights, dashboard, user activity history
  • Analysis – campaign analysis
  • Campaigns – push notifications
  • Marketing Operations – data collection, customer insights, multi-user access
  • Campaign Activity – campaign insights, reports and dashboards, campaign stickiness, multichannel tracking
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CleverTap has four pricing editions. 

  • Essentials – Learn the basics of engagement and use them to create more meaningful interactions with your customers. Free trial available.
  • Advanced – Provide Rich Personalization with Dynamic Inputs and Triggers
  • Cutting Edge – Drive Next-Generation Engagement through Intelligently Automated Customer Interactions.

Get in touch with CleverTap to learn about their current rates.


Iterable is one of the best personalization engine platforms that enables organizations to scale up the delivery of positive customer experiences through the use of coordinated, personalized, and ever-evolving communications. With its advanced personalization engine architecture, Iterable allows marketers to plan, test, and analyze every touchpoint in the buyer’s journey. It is used by industry leaders such as Zillow, DoorDash, Fender, Calm, and Box to create scalable, customer-centric experiences through the timely distribution of relevant content.

Iterable is a customer communication platform that combines real-time customer data with the ability to design experiences to stimulate customers across channels quickly, allowing us to assist companies in delivering positive customer interactions through coordinated, personalized communications. 

Brands may benefit from Iterable because of the suite of cross-channel personalization tools it provides, which includes intelligent personalization solutions powered by Iterable AI, the personalized dynamic content capabilities of Catalog, and the best-in-class capabilities of both. 

You can provide your clients with a consistent experience across channels like email, SMS, mobile push, web push, in-app alerts, social media, and more by making Iterable the hub of your cutting-edge growth stack.

Consumer-facing businesses in the e-commerce/retail, media/entertainment, logistics/transportation, academics/staffing, and service sectors are the intended audience.

Key features

  • Integration – data import & export tools, integration APIs
  • Platform – workflow capability, user, role and access management, performance and reliability
  • Email Marketing – building and personalizing emails, sending outbound emails, manage email deliverability, automated email responses
  • Online Marketing – dynamic content, A/B testing, mobile optimized
  • Lead Management – data quality management, segmentation
  • Reporting & Analytics – basic reporting


Get in touch with Iterable to learn about their current rates.

Wrapping up

Personalized services are now indispensable in today’s cutthroat business environment. Businesses can stay ahead of the curve and grow in a sustainable way by using personalization engines.

So, in conclusion, there are several upsides to including a personalization engine in your business plan. It helps firms understand consumer habits and preferences, which in turn informs marketing decisions. This not only improves the efficiency of marketing efforts but also decreases the amount of money spent. By sending relevant messages to the appropriate people at the right time, businesses may boost the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

The seven top personalization engines mentioned in this list have already proven their worth by doing things like providing personalized product recommendations and increasing user engagement. Investing in these potent tools will surely be a strategic move for organizations looking to stay ahead in the ever-changing digital market as they continue to place a premium on providing excellent user experiences. 

Today most businesses face one similar problem: how to make sure we meet the different tastes of each customer while keeping a personalized approach? The answer is simple and kind of obvious at the same time – with the help of modern technologies.  Of course, people can’t keep up with all the data points they have to process daily just…